Fayetteville Students Invent "Green" Bags

Fayetteville Students Invent "Green" Bags

Students at the University of Arkansas invent compostable plastic bags.

FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- University of Arkansas students create a new invention that could revolutionize the plastic bag industry.

The students created the company "Cyclewood Solutions".

Their product, "Xylobags" are completely compostable.

The students were looking for a solution to plastic bag pollution, without changing consumer habits.

Co-creator of "Xylobags" Kevin Oden says the product uses recycled products.

"What's unique about our compostable plastic bag is that we take a byproduct or a wast product from the paper industry and we're able to utilize that in our bag," said Oden.

The bags are available at Ozark Natural Goods in Fayetteville.


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