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Fathers Encouraged to Take Their Kids to School on First Day

Million Father March goes on through September 15th.
The Million Father March on August 15, the first day of school, encourages all men to get involved by taking their children to school.

The Million Father March is not a traditional march that everyone participates in at the same time
and at the same place, since not all school districts begin their school year at the same time.

More than 1 million men from 700 school districts across the nation are expected to participate in the Million Father March this year between August 1 and September 15.

Phillip Jackson, Executive Director of Black Star Project, hopes that the involvement of these men
doesn't end after the first day of school. "We are asking fathers and other significant male figures
to volunteer 10 hours during the academic year in their children's schools," he said. Volunteers may serve as mentors, tutors, chaperones or in many other capacities throughout the school year. 

The Black Star Project, a Chicago-based organization, launched the Million Father March eight years ago to encourage fathers to walk their children to school on the first day of class as a way of
getting involved with their children's education.

Escorting a child to school on the first day can be the first step towards getting involved in
education, and that involvement benefits the whole community.

Contact your local school district about volunteering.
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