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Education Matters: What's in a Name?

The principal of Gibbs Elementary decided it was time students learned the history behind the school's namesake, and why this person in history was worth naming a school after.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - When you show up to class everyday most students are not thinking about what's behind the name of their school.

"Not really, none of my other schools really talked about it, it was just so obvious that that was the person you knew it right off."

But when Langston Key and other students in his 3rd grade class return to school at Mifflin Gibbs Elementary next year they will have a better idea of the man their school is named after.

"He owned a coal mine on an island in Canada."

"He is our namesake of our school."

"When he was born he was a slave."

And the first elected African American municipal judge in the United States.

Before now Clayton Wilbon says he just figured Gibbs was just a good man.

"I was surprised, because I had no idea Gibbs was who he was, and who is he to you? Well to me he's a leader."

A person that Clayton says he will take a few notes from.

"Make some history like he did."

And while Gibbs makes history as the first international studies and foreign language magnet school in the state,

"Other schools have tried to follow suit."

It just may be setting itself up as a first, introducing other schools to teach its' students the history of their schools namesake.

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