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Education Matters: Teaching Students About Science

A 4-H Program helps home-schooled children learn about the wonderful world of science.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A 4-H program helps home-schooled children get hands on, real world experience.

It's called Science Enrichment Education for Kids, or SEEK.

High School home-schoolers in the class right now are working on a high-tech project.

It's one with no limits on creativity.

David Hudson said, "We're going to cut clips and splice them together to make a three minute video."

The students are making a film from start to finish.

They even edit the final product.

This is just one of many projects the teens will take on over the next twelve weeks.

They'll also learn about robotics, photography and electricity.

Instructor Elsie Snoddy said, "This class I really enjoy because they get to do so much where they learn lots of different types of technology and if it sparks that interest I can give them the information so they can explore farther with it."

The 4-H SEEK program provides hands-on science experience for home-schooled students from first grade up to high school.

They learn by doing which is taking education to a new level and perhaps even guiding students on their career paths.

That's what happened with their instructor.

Snoddy said, "Well, I love, SEEK. As a home-schooler this was my favorite thing, so the opportunity to come back and teach is really neat. I get to teach the kids the same things I learned as a student. "

The SEEK program received two awards from the national 4-H headquarters.

To learn more about SEEK, click here.

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