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Education Matters: Maumelle Students Receive Special Delivery

Parent donates 10 iPads to help students in the classroom.
MAUMELLE, AR -- A group of Maumelle Middle School students are learning in a different way thanks to the generous donation of one mother.

In Christy Dekay's class, you'll hear another voice helping to teach the students. It's that of an iPad.

This month, the children received 10 new iPads.

The gift came from Riley McClanahan's mother who started an organization called Riley's Warriors.

She raises money to help special needs children.

"Riley had an iPad..so we didn't have an iPad..so she thought the whole class should have one," said Teiona Millen, a student in the class.

Using the iPads, the students learn about math, grammar, reading and writing.

"I'm working on my reading. I'm doing actually pretty good. I'm half way done," said 8th grader Tavis Ellington.

"They're just little sponges so now...they're just going to excel so much with them," Dekay said.

And while the students like the new iPads, there's something they seem to love even more than modern technology.

"I think I enjoy the teachers the most because they work with us for the whole day. They never give up on us," Ellington said.

If there's something special going on at your child's school, Melissa would like to hear about it.

You can email her at mschroeder@kark.com.
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