Education Matters: End of Year Exam Changes

Education Matters: End of Year Exam Changes

Hard to believe it's already to to think about the next school year. But some good news for your student, they won't have as many tests to worry about this year.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - 5th grade teacher Sarah Kindale and her son Cole from Greenwood are taking some time out this summer to tour the State Capitol.

"We've never been here, he hasn't, I was when I was in the 5th grade," said Kindale.

Exciting for Cole to see the eagle monument.

"It's pretty cool because, I don't think I've ever seen anything that big," said Cole.

While they were outside site seeing, the Arkansas Legislative Council finalizing new rules on end of the year testing, sponsored by Senator Johnny Key, rules which would eliminate certain Math and English tests.

"That's mainly what we are shifting from the old Benchmark exam to the new PARCC exam."

An exam testing what students have learned after following the Common Core standards. And with the new test came a new set of concerns from teachers, over testing students.

"They said we think as we move into park we can eliminate this, the need for these tests just aren't there anymore, said Senator Key."

As a parent and teacher, Sarah says she agrees with doing away with the other standardized tests, on two conditions.

"As long as teachers are teaching the standards and students are achieving each milestone," says Cole.

Senator Key says students will still be tested in their classes from time to time as well, to ensure students are retaining and understanding information that's being taught.
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