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Education Matters: 'Discovering' Science and Technology

Museum of Discovery offers fun exhibits for kids and adults.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Students minds don't need to take a break just because they're out of the classroom this week.

There's much to discover at the Museum of Discovery in downtown Little Rock.

Everything there revolves around science and technology.

CEO Kelley Bass says, "All hands-on, interactive things. All good for the whole family from little kids to adults."

There's a Discovery Hall, it's one of three galleries at the museum, and probably the most popular.

At the hall, you can learn about different aspects of science while using experimental stations.

Kelley said, "Some kids learn a lot better with hands-on activities than they do just sitting in a classroom. So this is an environment where they're learning without even knowing they're learning."

There's also a traveling gallery.

The one at the museum until January is all about robots.

From their history, to racing, even asking them questions...the robots are the center of attention.

It's a fun way to learn about the machines.

"I think everybody understands that the more kids we can get energized about science, technology and math at an early age, more of them will become comfortable with it," Kelley said.

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