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Education Matters: AR Baptist High School Students Earning College Credit

Most high school students love being able to get ahead by taking college level courses in high school but they normally have to leave part of the day and travel to a college campus. But at Arkansas Baptist high school students are getting the college life right across the walk way.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Classes may be back in session at Arkansas Baptist High School but for these seniors, college courses are underway as well.

"I think it might be a little hard we might have some online homework that we are going to have to do."

In this case it's college algebra questions they'll be solving. In a new wing on the campus of their high school called the Center for University Studies where students take a variety of basic college courses and receive college credit.

It's one wing is equipped with an elevator, technology lab, classrooms and in a couple of weeks a lounge area will be added.

Levi Miller teaches college U.S. history and says the center was created with one goal in mind.

"To replicate college almost exactly so that way they're ready academically but also the environment and how they need to study, plan their time," says Miller.

These seniors love the atmosphere and the head start on college life.

"So that when we actually get to college we can take courses that aren't just your general level," says senior Katelyn Graham.

"It's fantastic I can focus on being in a university type setting."

Teachers train with professors at three partnering universities and come back and teach college level courses to the students.

"I really find that appealing, because there's the possibility of me just skipping some of the just basic classes," says senior student Andrew Cook.

Guidance Counselor Laura Mcelrath says the center allows students to also get a feel for the ever stressful application process.

"They're applying to college so they have to go through the same application process to be admitted, they have to have the same GPA, SAT and ACT scores," says Mcelrath.

It's all considered a big win for these students.

"I am excited about being able to get the college credit now."

Without ever having to leave their high school campus.
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