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Conflicting Dates for Pine Bluff Mayor's Election

The former mayor, who filed to run again, said there will be an election this year. The Secretary of State said the election will be in 2016.

PINE BLUFF, AR-- Pine Bluff's former mayor has filed to get his old job back, and there is disagreement over whether he filed too early.

Carl Redus is the only candidate who filed paperwork to run for the city's top post.

A special judge ruled the election won't be until 2016, but Redus points to a law that changes the election date to this year.

That law says a city with a population under 50,000 people will vote for mayor during the mid-term election.  It's the same law Redus argued in court back in 2012, but a judge said the law does not specify changing the election date when there is a population decrease.

The Jefferson County Election Commissioner, who worked as Redus' chief of staff, supports his old boss.

"We're following the Constitution, and that's what we're sworn to uphold and going to move forward on," said Ted Davis.

Current Mayor Debe Hollingsworth said she sought an opinion from the secretary of state that the election will be in 2016.

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