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Community Matters: Volunteer Plumbers

Their services come in handy for people who need home repairs but have no money to pay for them.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A broken handle is an easy fix for plumber Justin Heath, but for widowed, retiree Judy Thompson it was a problem that wasn't getting repaired.

"The toilet just kept running and running," said Heath.

Living on a fixed income doesn't leave much room for hiring help.

Left alone, the problem was driving up the cost of Thompson's utility bill.  Lucky for her, some free help came this week.

"Anytime you can help somebody out, I mean, that's a great feeling," said Heath.

Heath is one of the volunteer plumbers working with Central Arkansas Water. He works wit them making free repairs on around 70 homes of low income and elderly residents.

"You can see all the different kinds of problems,"explained Heath.

It took just a few minutes for Heath to make the repairs at Thompson's house.

Thompson is glad she'll be saving on her bills. Plus, Heath is off to another house, volunteering to make a difference, one toilet at a time.

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