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CAT Followed Safety Protocol in Wednesday Shooting Death

The CAT bus driver did everything right before a passenger was shot and killed by police.
North Little Rock, AR - Wednesday a Central Arkansas Transit Authority bus was forced to pull to an unscheduled stop after a fight on board.  Police were called, a passenger got in a fight with the officer, and the officer shot and killed Robert Storay, 52. 

According to CAT, the driver of the bus did everything she was supposed to.  The safety protocol for a passenger causing a problem is first for the driver to try to calm him down.  Secondly, a supervisor is called to do the same.  Finally, the bus is stopped, and dispatch calls 911.

Jason Smedley from CAT said, "Yesterday's situation was completely rare.  We do not have situations like that happen.  And so that was a situation, as far as I can recall, that has never happened."

CAT drivers have six weeks of training in which the safety protocol is taught, and drivers have bi-montly safety classes, all of which Smedley said this driver was up to date on. 

"We are extremely proud.  This was a unique situation that they are prepared for, even if it doesn't happen, and the way it was addressed we are very, very proud of her for standing up, and taking the safety precautions that were necessary."

CAT is not releasing the name of the driver, but said she has taken paid time off to deal with the experience.  
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