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Big Cuts Proposed for Arkansas Lottery Scholarships

Legislative Oversight Committee recommends awards be reduced from $4,500 to $3,300 for 4-year students and from $2,250 to $1,650 for 2-year students.
Big cuts could be coming to Arkansas Lottery scholarships.

The Arkansas Lottery Commission Legislative Oversight Committee today voted to recommend reducing awards for 4-year/university students from $4,500 to $3,300 and for 2-year/community college students from $2,250 to $1,650.

That amounts to about 25-percent less money for those students to attend college.

High numbers of students applying for the scholarships, coupled with fewer lottery sales gets the blame for the recommendation.

The cuts must first get the approval of the Arkansas Legislature, which meets in its next session in January.

If approved there, the new amounts would take effect in the 2013-2014 school year.

When the first scholarships were offered back in 2012, they were $5,000 awards.
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