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Arkansas Hog Farmers Worried About Deadly "Pig Virus"

Arkansas Hog Farmers are worried about a deadly virus that threatens the health of pigs.

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Arkansas hog farmers worried about a virus that's posing a threat to pigs.

The US Department of Agriculture says the first case of "Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea" virus or PEDV has been discovered in Arkansas.

The virus is not a threat to humans but is devastating to newborn pigs.

Dr. Trevor Martin of Marcus Remsen Veterinarian Clinic says the virus does not usually thrive in hot weather.

"Hot and dry the virus does not like to be in that environment. It likes the cool, wet temperatures like we get in the fall and winter," said Dr. Martin.

Around 7 million pigs in 27 states have died within the past year.

The strain affecting U.S. swine is believed to have originated in China.

The price of pork and bacon has already increased from last year and many economists expect prices to continue to climb over the next few months.

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