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Arkansas Diagnostic Center Raising Awareness Of Colon Cancer

Last year the house and senate passed a measure making March colon cancer awareness month in Arkansas.

LITTLE ROCK, AR- The second most deadly kind of cancer in the US is colon cancer, but it's also one of the most preventable.

The Arkansas Diagnostic Center in Little Rock, is home to Dr. Alonzo Williams a Gastroenterologist whose daughter is working to fight colon cancer just as hard as her father.

"I moved back just to do it," said Sherra Armstrong who is on a mission to get colon cancer out of the top three leading causes of cancer deaths.

She said once at number three it moved to number two after breast cancer became a hot button issue.

"Because of the efforts of Susan G. Koman and pink ribbons it's now number three," she said. "So it's really important we follow in those footsteps with the blue ribbon campaign."

Being proactive rather than reactive since colon cancer is preventable with early screenings.

"It's the only cancer that tells you it's coming," said Armstrong. "You have polyps that take five years to metastasize."

Affecting males and females as well as different races all the same, however African American males remain at the highest risk of death due to hesitation to get screened.

Why Armstrong asked her father to join a national effort to get the word out.

"Make it a blue ribbon thing make it a movement even if they don't come to your office you still help fix it because it is an epidemic," she said.

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