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Arkansans with Courage: M'Lou Giese

Little Rock woman diagnosed with disease sees the power of prayer work first hand.
My prayer warriors worked some miracles they truly did.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Every day we face challenges and obstacles. Many, if not most, are expected.

It's when we are hit with the unexpected that one Arkansan with courage says we need to reach out for help.

And in M'Lou Giese's case, it's a reach that goes out to friends and family, and also within one's self.

The foundation of every church is built on something stronger than brick and mortar.

M'Lou found that out, when she was set on a journey no one elects to take, after receiving news from her doctor.

"There is a mass on your pancreas," she explains he told her.

After surgery to remove the mass...."they told me it had not been successful," she says.

It seemed the path was set. While her doctors discussed options, M'Lou reached out.

"For prayers and my prayer warriors worked some miracles they truly did," she says.

Friends and family took care of her day and night. It was an overwhelming show of support and prayer. On one of the toughest days, the softest touch gave her the biggest push.

"I was laying there. I guess she recognized and she got into bed with me and took her hand and just patted my back. It felt so good. She said it's going to be okay M'Lou, you can do another day and I can do it because of you," M'Lou recalls.
And then, her prayer worriers rallied as they waited on results from another CAT scan.

"He said it's a miracle. He said the scan could not detect masses in my abdomen on the pancreas anywhere. The power of prayer..and that's what it does," says M'Lou.
Surrounded by family and friends, M'Lou was never alone on this journey and is not shy about giving credit where it's due.

"My doctors have done exceptional things with my physical but always God is right here. He is sitting right here. He's with us," she says.

M'Lou says the support she got from her family, friends and prayer group at St. James United Methodist Church was staggering. They all set up a care calendar to spread out her needs both physically and spiritually.

Click here to learn more setting up a care calendar.

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