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Arkansans With Courage: Melissa Davis Isn't Silent Anymore

Davis gives a brutal account of her time serving in the U.S. Army when she was raped by her superior officer.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - One branch of government that prides itself on honor is the military, and it has been shaken by recent findings of rampant sexual assault. The pentagon says as many as 22,000 cases went unreported just in 2012.

There is legislation being introduced in Washington in hopes to correct the issue.

This "Arkansan With Courage" is sharing her story not only with us but with lawmakers to make sure it won't happen anymore.

"When asked as a child or even as an adult what you wanted to be or do, none of us said today I have made the decision to be raped," reads Melissa Davis from her book, "Silenced No More."

Davis gives a brutal account of her time serving in the United States Army, a time when she says she was raped repeatedly by her superior officer, threatened if she told.

"It destroys who you are as a person. This picture was taken three days before I was raped the first time. You can see the smile in my eyes. I was carefree." she recalls.

A few months later, "You can see the smile is not there anymore, nothing was ever the same."

Her life was turned upside down.

"As a victim you feel there's something you did wrong," she said.

But Davis has found healing through her writing.

"If it saves one person, then the last 27 years has been worth it for me," she said.

And speaking out about the need for prosecution outside of the military. That the military's self regulation does not work.

"In my instance it was a First Sergeant. who raped me and it is a First Sergeant who decides if a crime is committed. That is why it has to be taken out of their chain of command. It has to, to be fair and impartial. Service men and women deserve that."

She's not silent anymore.

When asked if she thinks she is courageous, she said, "I was raped 27 years ago, but I have allowed it to control my life for 27 years. But it takes courage to stand up and say no more."

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