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21 Arkansas Heroes Honored by Red Cross

Jacksonville school bus driver, Clinton School dean among the honorees.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The American Red Cross of Greater Arkansas today presented Hero Awards in various categories to 21 Arkansans who participated in eleven different incidents to save a life or prevent harm to others in danger.

One of the honorees was Sheila Hart, the Jacksonville school bus driver who kept kids calm when their bus was hijacked last year. She says her actions during that frightening incidentwere all in a day's work.

"Well, it means a lot but actually I was just doing my job. You know, that's my job. I get paid to drive them to school safe and protect them. So, actually I was just doing my job but it's nice to be honored," Hart says.

Another notable honoree was James L. 'Skip' Rutherford, III, the Dean of the University Of Arkansas Clinton School Of Public Service. He was presented with the 2014 Clara Barton Distinguished Humanitarian Award.

Gail Hyatt was also one of the 21 heroes honored. She's the Monticello dispatcher who reassured and encouraged a man lost in a raging wildfire on September 19. Click here for more on her story from our content partner SEARK Today. 

The 2014 American Red Cross Arkansas Heroes Celebration of Heroes recognizes Arkansans trained and ready to help another due to training in safety and health skills such as First Aid/CPR training.

Arkansas Heroes are Arkansans ready to answer a call for help to prevent injury or death because of awareness and skills as a result of training such as disaster education or health and safety. The act of heroism does not have to occur within the state, but must be performed by a current resident regardless of age or profession.

Arkansas Heroes celebrates ordinary individuals who respond heroically, providing real life examples of Red Cross work to have Arkansans trained and ready to answer a call for help. Being trained and prepared to aid another is priority one with the American Red Cross mission to have each abled person ready to respond to a variety of emergencies big and small.
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