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$100K Gift for Little Rock Animal Village

Money helps kickoff giving campaign.
Dreams that we had for our city's shelter, the Little Rock Animal Village, and the animals in their care have become a reality virtually overnight.
LITTLE ROCK, AR (News release) - An anonymous donor has made a $100,000 gift to Friends of the Animal Village (FAV), an organization that provides supplemental support to the City's shelter, the Little Rock Animal Village (LRAV). 

With this donation the FAV kicks off a major fund-raising campaign for the LRAV that will allow supporters to sponsor and, in some cases, have naming rights on such things as veterinary equipment, kennels and buildings. 

FAV will present the $100,000 check to the LRAV at the Little Rock Board of Directors meeting tonight at 5 p.m. at Metroplan, 501 West Markham Street. 

"This incredibly generous gift to Friends of the Animal Village has sparked a fire inside of everyone involved," said Kelsey White, Vice President of Friends of the Animal Village Board. "Dreams that we had for our city's shelter, the Little Rock Animal Village, and the animals in their care have become a reality virtually overnight, and this powerful momentum is perfect for kicking off FAV's new Sponsorship Program." 

“The Little Rock Animal Village will see tremendous benefits from this substantial gift,” said Little Rock City Manager Bruce T. Moore. “The City is deeply grateful to the donor and the Friends of the Animal Village members that helped to secure the contribution. I look forward to seeing the remarkable and continued growth of the Animal Village’s programs.” 

These funds will be used to kick start plans to build a facility to house dogs being evaluated to participate in the PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin' program. LRAV is a shelter partner in the program that transfers selected dogs and puppies from partner shelters in areas like Little Rock where there are more dogs and puppies than can be placed through adoption. They are then transported to places where they get adopted, often within days.  

At the LRAV, the program has been dependent on having enough foster homes to care for the animals waiting to go off on the Rescue Waggin'. This new building will allow the LRAV to house more dogs waiting for a new home. 

"We are stunned and so very thankful to this donor for their significant contribution to the Little Rock Animal Village," said Tracy Roark, director of the Animal Village. "The hard working volunteers on the FAV Board have gone above and beyond to promote our shelter and provide additional resources that will allow us too vastly expand our services." 

In 2013, the LRAV had a record year with 1,623 adoptions. In addition 479 took a ride on the Rescue Waggin', 166 more went to Rescue Organizations and 343 returned to owners. A total of 2,611 animals found new homes or were returned to their owners. 

Friends of the Animal Village is a volunteer organization founded in 2010 that provides supplemental support for the Little Rock Animal Village. The group accepts donations and hosts fundraisers for the shelter throughout the year in an effort to raise awareness about the LRAV, increase adoptions and improve the quality of life for animals housed there. FAV has donated more than $20,000 to the LRAV since 2010.
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