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1 Month Later, Search Still on for Timothy Buffington

The convicted murderer walked away from his prison work station on June 21 and made his escape. Pine Bluff residents say they feel he's long gone.
PINE BLUFF, AR - Driving around the Princeton Pike area today you don't see police patrolling or dogs sniffing the grounds, you see kids playing in the yards and neighbors sitting on their porches.

Those neighbors say with a month passing since Buffington's escape they think he is long gone.

Roads are empty and people can be seen in their yards in the Princeton Pike area.

"I think he is long gone," says Cedric Taylor.

But this wasn't the case after convicted murderer Timothy Buffington walked off during his trustee duties on June 20, leaving homeowners like Taylor on high alert.

"Locking my doors. I was keeping the lights on and watching out," says Taylor.

Some were so concerned for their safety, they sent their kids off to stay with relatives outside the area.

Now those same children can be seen playing in their yards.

"Kids are riding up and down the street on four wheelers and bicycles now. It was kind of nothing but white cars for a little while," said William Miller.

Now those white cars, no where to be seen.

And Buffington, yesterdays news in the community.

"I don't think he's around here. I don't," says Miller.

"I think we are back to our normal life. Everything is back to normal. Road block is gone, which that's good," said Taylor.

The last time there was a Buffington sighting was back in June when he was caught on that surveillance video.

But the Department of Corrections is not giving up their search and hope to bring Buffington back into custody as soon as possible.

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