Coupon Queen: Being Organized Will Save You More in the Grocery Store

Coupon Queen: Being Organized Will Save You More in the Grocery Store

Stephanie Master shares more tips that put money back in your pocketbook.
This week our Coupon Queen let us tag along on one of her recent shopping trips to get a first-hand look at how she saves money at the checkout.

"The number one thing you need to realize when you come to the store is to be organized," says Coupon Queen Stephanie Master.

She recommends that you get a store ad the day before a shopping trip so you can see what's on sale and compare the ad with the coupons you have to save the most money.

Combining coupons is another trick of the trade. For instance: "They're 60 cents off any two of these soup mix products that cost $1.79 each. In and of itself it's a pretty good deal [because the store will double the 60-cent coupon] but then you have $1.50 off on a package of sour cream over 16 ounces when you buy at least two of these," Master says.

"That means, when you get to the checkout, you'll present both the 60-cent coupon and the $1.50 coupon, for a savings of $1.20 for the two soup mixes, which will make the cost of the sour cream almost nothing, practically free, and save you a total of $2.70 for the three products" she says.

Master recommends shoppers to look for as many coupons as possible by looking for newspapers inserts, swapping with family/friends and using coupon clipping services (she recommends CouponDede, click here).

While some shoppers might think it's not economical to buy coupons, Master says the opposite is true.

"Sometimes you have to spend money to save money at the checkout," she says.

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