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Conjoined Twin Boys Separated During Nine-Hour Surgery

Conjoined boys, with Arkansas ties, are doing well after surgery.
We didn't think they had a chance and we thought that they were not going to make it at all.
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Two baby boys with Arkansas ties were separated following a nine-hour surgery.

They were born conjoined from the chest to the belly button.

At one point, the boy's parents, originally from Russellville, Ark., thought their only option was abortion.

But a trip to Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas, Texas, changed everything.

"January 3, we found out we were having twins and we were blown away," Jenni Ezell said.

It's a wonderful surprise, that quickly turned to sadness and fear for Jenni and her husband David Ezell.

"March 1 we found out that they were conjoined," she said.

A doctor told the couple, who was living in Oklahoma at the time, that there wasn't much hope.

"We didn't think they had a chance and we thought that they were not going to make it at all," Jenni said.

David's parents, who live in Sherwood, said their son and daughter-in-law went to an abortion clinic, but the clinic doctor thought there could be complications.

So he referred the couple to Medical City where doctors said they could help.

"Thank the good Lord we didn't have to deal with what we were afraid of and that was there was the fear of burying the babies," grandmother Carol Ezell said.

During a nine-hour surgery, doctors successfully separated Emmett and Owen.

The two were joined from the chest to the belly button and even shared a liver and intestinal track.

The family calls the surgery nothing short of a miracle.

"It's the most wonderful feeling. I'm just so happy that they're here and they're alive and they're thriving," Jenni said through tears.

Mom and dad still haven't held their twin babies, but hopefully that will happen soon.

Doctors don't know when the boys will get to go home, right now they're just waiting to see how quickly they heal.

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