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Community Matters: 'Miracle Baby' Gets to Go Home

When little Lainey Mayo was born Oct. 4, everything seemed fine.
She's surprising everybody.
MAGNOLIA, AR -- A young mother took her baby home less than three weeks after doctors said the infant likely wouldn't survive.

"She came out she was perfect there was nothing wrong with her," mother Kayla Pickett said.

When little Lainey Mayo was born Oct. 4, everything seemed fine. But everything changed later that day while her mother Kayla was breast feeding.

"So I hold her up into the light and she was completely blue like it was so scary," she said.

Lainey was airlifted from a hospital in their hometown of Magnolia to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock.

"They did an MRI on her head, and turns out she has a very very extensive brain damage," Kayla said.

Doctors delivered devastating news to Kayla and Lainey's father. They were worried she would never breathe on her own

"The doctors had tears in their eyes, they were just very upset we could just not believe it," Kayla said.

After consulting with the family, doctors decided to try removing Lainey from the ventilator to see if she could breathe on her own. 

The family prepared for the worst.

"They took her off of it, and she was breathing she breathed on her own just perfect," Kayla said.

Lainey's health improved so much, she even shocked her caretakers.

"She's doing great she's breastfeeding on her own," Kayla said.

Doctors can't say how Lainey's development will progress, and there are concerns especially considering how bad the MRI looked.

But it's already enough for Kayla to call her a miracle

"She's surprising everybody," she said.

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