Community Confused Over Death of 107-Year-Old Man

Community Confused Over Death of 107-Year-Old Man

The mayor holds a town hall meeting and gives residents the chance to comment.
PINE BLUFF, AR -- It's a story that's made national news when a shootout with police left a 107-year-old Arkansan man dead.

Tonight, many people in the city of Pine Bluff are still outraged over this weekend shooting.

That's why the mayor of Pine Bluff gave members of the community the chance to speak out during a town hall meeting.
During that meeting, there was a lot of emotion from sadness to anger and confusion.

People who live in the area got a chance to talk about all of that during the meeting at the Convention Center.

Here are some of their comments:

"It was an atrocity on this man. He was a national treasure at 107 years old. This man was killed, to me, senselessly."

"He was my friend and I'm sad that he's not in my life anymore, but he would not want this. People don't understand what the situation was and they need to stay calm and wait until all the facts are put together where it can be explained what happened because it's not what people think."

"And the first thing that hit me was what if this was my mom that police ran in on...and every public function I've been at, I've given the police chief his props for the job at the police department. You failed on this one chief."

"They could have immediately called his pastor and said get over here, let him talk to them and see if we can get some resolution, but the pastor remained quiet."

"You want to point the finger at other pastors in this community for not doing something that you want them to do. They got their own goals and objectives and things they're trying to achieve."

As things got heated during the meeting, Mayor Debe Hollingsworth said, "Okay, we're going to dismiss because I think this is getting a little out of hand and we don't want it to end that way."

The police chief says he couldn't answer many of the questions from people in the community because this case is still under investigation.

But, officers did say Isadore fired at them three times Saturday night before SWAT members shot back and killed him.

The police chief says his detectives are trying to get this case together as quickly as "humanly possible" so they can send it to the prosecutor's office.

Here are more details on the case: Witnesses say Pine Bluff police showed up -- in force -- to a home off 16th Avenue Saturday night after reports that 107-year-old Monroe Isadore pointed a gun at two people.

Isadore's friends say he was nearly deaf and legally blind and likely got confused.

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