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Clinic Held In North Little Rock For People Impacted By Limb Loss

North Little Rock Athletic Club hosted the event.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- A clinic is held for people impacted by limb loss at the North Little Rock Athletic Club.

Cameron Clapp lost his legs and right arm at age 15.

"I got hit by a freight train and it's a miracle I'm alive," said Clapp.

Now the California native is helping those affected by limb loss-reclaim their physical lives.

Saturday, he inspired Central Arkansans.

"I believe impossible is an opinion, it's not a fact. It's not what happens to you that matters, it's what you do about it. It's your actions and reactions that determine your outcome," said Clapp.

Jillian Elwart works at Hanger Clinic and invited clapp to the event she planned, called the Movement Clinic.

"I've had several others come to me and say I've put on a few pounds, my activities have decreased. I realize it is time for me to return to a fit lifestyle," said Elwart.

That's why Clapp is hosting the running session, which is one of the various classes.

"It's an opportunity for amputees to come together and learn how to be fit and healthy and active," said Elwart.

Beyond the physical inspiration, Clapp also helped the class move forward emotionally.

"I just want to be able to provide some motivation and show what's possible here today," said Clapp.

Clapp travels to different areas across the country telling his story.
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