Buffalo Jesus Name Church Re-Opens After Storm Rips Roof Off

Buffalo Jesus Name Church Re-Opens After Storm Rips Roof Off

The members of a Buffalo Jesus Name Church celebrated a rebuilding Sunday. Months after a storm forced its out of their sanctuary.
PARON, AR- It might  still look like a construction site outside, but the Buffalo Jesus Name Church is open, holding their  first services since a storm ripped the roof off in May.

Betty Sykes is cooking up her specialty for Sunday, "Country food, " she said.

A delicious meal for her fellow parishioners. "It's been here a long time," she said. "I was ten when I started coming to church."

That history changed  when storms swept through Central Arkansas this spring destroying the building but never rattling it's members.

"As long as our pastor as his wife were fine," said Sykes. "I knew we could put this all back."

Longtime Pastor Andrew Justice said faith is a reason they were able to re-build and  pick themselves back up.

A beautiful new roof is now over the heads of the church's regular members.

"This is a building,  it's nothing," said Pastor Justice. "God showed us how easy it was to take it away."

A celebration for the re-opening Sunday. A feast of comfort food that was shared with each other, the way Sunday's have been spent here long before the storm.

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