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Bishop Park Director Dismisses Major Flooding Concerns

Following heavy rain, Bryant residents worry about flooded park built in low-lying area.
BRYANT, AR-- Over the weekend Heavy rain sparked concerns about the city of Bryant's move to build a multimillion dollar sports complex in a low lying area. Photos show fields flooded Saturday but on Monday Bishop Park is clearing up dramatically. Baseball and softball fields, barely recognizable covered with water are now rather easy to remover. Some Facebook users shared concerns over the city's move to build the $20 million complex on flood prone land.

The manager explained why he wants people to know was a good investment despite the flooding issues.

"Just to let them know the city of Bryant made a good investment in this park that's the misunderstanding a lot of people think maybe it wasn't wise idea to put this park in an area where it floods, but it's not a really big a deal and it's been a good place to watch people play baseball and softball," says park director Derek Phillips.

Phillips says this is the first time it's flooded this year.

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