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Bentonville High Band Members Speak About Loss of Assistant Director

The band has competed in two out-of-state competitions since learning assistant band director Zachary Roddy was killed in an accident.
BENTONVILLE, AR -- It's been 12 days since Bentonville High School band students lost assistant band director, 27-year-old Zachary Roddy, who was killed in an accident leaving Tulsa.

Since then, the band has competed in two out-of-state competitions, including a national competition in St. Louis, where they reached the finals.

The group finished second in Tulsa the day after learning of the crash, and gave an emotional performance with a sign in the crowd reading "Roddy is so proud."

For the first time since Roddy's death, band members spoke about moving forward and coping with the loss.

"He'd be very proud of the successes that they've had and the opportunities the kids are going to have in the future," Band Director Scott Tomlinson says.

"It's been very crazy, but it's also been just amazing, like, these kids have worked so hard," says drum major Nicole Benedict.

They say support from parents and teachers have helped them throughout the entire process.
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