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Beebe Resident Awaits Help after Sewage Spill Damages Home

2 houses off West Indiana Street were flooded with sewage when a city utility-owned line backed up.
BEEBE, AR -- It could be next week before residents in Beebe get help with cleanup and repairs on homes flooded with sewage.

It happened in two houses off West Indiana Street when a city utility-owned line backed up.

According to a resident of one of the homes, estimates on work needed has been put at $16,000.

The utility company says it will pay for the damage, but not until the manager gets back from vacation on Monday.

"I feel like it's not right. I mean, I know it's Thanksgiving week and a lot of people take vacation, but he could have left some information with somebody," resident Jerry Thine says.

Thine says his pregnant wife and four kids are living with his mother-in-law while he tends to the house. 

They had planned a big Thanksgiving dinner at home, but Thine says that's no longer possible.
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