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Baptist Health Doctor's Corner: Foods Healthy For Your Heart

What dishes to avoid to keep your heart working as it should.
With the new year comes resolutions to do things different in 2013.

One of those things, for some people, is to get healthier.

To do that, some changes need to be made at the breakfast, lunch and dinner table.

Dr. Doug Holloway with the Baptist Health Heart Institute has more in this week's Doctor's Corner.

The doctor recommends portion control, eating "bad" things in moderation, and understanding what's really good for you.

Dr. Holloway says skipping vegetables fried in oil (french fries, onion rings) and instead adding more greens and lean meats (turkey, chicken) to your meals. He says while we need protein, we don't need a lot of red meat.

The doctor's tips:
  • Instead of butter and sour cream on a baked potato, try salsa instead
  • Skip the yolks, eat the egg whites only
Click here for more information on the Baptist Health Heart Institute.
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