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Attorney General Calls For Money to Fund Anti-Human Trafficking Programs

He joined 46 other attorneys general in a letter to Congress.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Attorney General Dustin McDaniel says more must be done to address human trafficking.

"You see children 10 and 12 years old who are being transported against across state lines and international boundaries, to be used for forced labor or sexual purposes," McDaniel said.

So in a letter to Congress, he joined 46 other attorneys general asking for money to prevent the problem.

"The Human Trafficking Reauthorization Act was passed earlier this year, but (Congressional members) have yet to appropriate a dollar to fund its purposes," McDaniel said.

Anti-human trafficking advocate Reagan Stanford uses videos to teach others how to identify the problem, because sometimes people believe human trafficking only involves moving people to various locations.

But she says that's not always the case.

"If I go home tonight and there is someone in my home, and they beat me and threaten me and have me weave baskets for them to sell, I would be a victim of human trafficking," said Stanford, who works with Catholic Charities Immigration Services.

So she says more resources are always needed.

"If we don't build up infrastructure here in Arkansas to really attack this problem, the law is going to be kinda useless," Stanford said.

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