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Arkansas National Guard Losing $839K in Weekly Wages from Shutdown

The government closure's impact on drill adds up to more than $2M in lost wages.
CAMP ROBINSON, AR (News release) - The government shutdown continues to degrade readiness and morale across the Arkansas National Guard; local communities begin to feel impact. 

Current impact of the shutdown on the Arkansas National Guard:
  • Furloughed dual-status military technicians (Guardsmen) - 738
  • Furloughed state employees - 294
  • Total furloughed - 1032
  • Furlough impact per week - $839,560 in lost wages.
Drill weekend training will not occur in October.
  • Army National Guard per month drill impact - $2.2 million in lost wages.
  • Air National Guard per month drill impact - $783,400 in lost wages.
  • Total per month drill impact - $2,983,400 in lost wages.
Since September 11, 2001, the Arkansas National Guard has deployed over 13,000 Soldiers and Airmen to Iraq and Afghanistan. The National Guard is the only branch of service with a constitutionally unique dual-mission. Since September 11, 2001, while supporting overseas contingency operations, the Arkansas National Guard responded to over 300 emergencies here at home.   

The loss of both full-time employment and drill in October impacts every member of the Arkansas National Guard across the state. Guardsmen live in every county in Arkansas; no corner of the state is untouched by the impact on the Guard. Guardsmen are not only Soldiers and Airmen; they are Arkansans too.
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