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Arkansas Coupon Queen Shares Lessons in Saving Money

Stephanie Master of Cabot presents the tips and tricks that put a smile on your face at the checkout.<br>
All month long on KARK 4 News at 5:00, an Arkansas coupon queen is sharing lessons in saving money.

Stephanie Master, 31, of Cabot has lots of tips and tricks that will put a smile on your face at the checkout.

Her focus is not on extreme couponing, but reality couponing, which she says can consistently save you money at the grocery store.

Master also teaches couponing classes and has taught hundreds of people just like you how to make those savings add up every time you go to the store.

To get started, she recommends that you read up on couponing online (click here see the links she recommends on our Coupon Queen page), start clipping coupons you know you'll use, and get them organized in a binder.

She says starting slow with a goal of saving just as little as $5.00 will ease you into couponing.

Master typically buys $300 worth of groceries for well under $100, and she says you too can learn how to do it and enjoy the savings yourself.
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