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Arkansas Boy Fights Rare Eye Infection

Justin Ross, 7, is suffering from Acanthamoeba.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- An Arkansas boy is being described as one-in-a-million, but not  in the way his family hoped.

His parents are trying to get the word out after their son contracted a rare eye infection from something we're exposed to almost every day.

Justin Ross, 7,  is suffering from Acanthamoeba.

Doctors describe it as little organisms or animals attacking his eye.
Doctors are treating Justin with eye drops made from the same chemical used in swimming pool cleaner.

He's lost sight in his right eye, but his parents are hoping to save his eyeball.

"It's been a struggle to watch him go through this," his mother Tiffani Burns said. "It's made him stronger, it's made him a tough little man."

The amoeba is present everywhere, in the ground and water.

It's a rare infection, but doctors say people who wear contact lenses are most at risk.

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