Arkansans Against Big Government Fight Back on Private Option

Arkansans Against Big Government Fight Back on Private Option

<div style="text-align: left;">Just as soon as the Governor signed Private Option into law a grassroots group started fighting back against the expanded health care calling it the largest expansion of government in Arkansas history.</div>
LITTLE ROCK, AR - As soon as it got the go-ahead light opponents lined up to voice their opinion on the Health Care Independence Act of 2013.

"Unfortunately they felt like their voice hadn't been heard on this thing called Obama Care," said Glenn Gallas. "We have the opportunity as citizens to decide."

Gallas started the Ballot Question Committee Arkansans Against Big Government  (AABG) in response to the new health care law.

He's hoping to collect enough signatures to get the issue put on the ballot so the people of Arkansas can decide.

It's a 90 day process that starts Wednesday (4/24).

Gallas calls it the largest expansion of government in Arkansas history.

"I just think it's a bad bill and I think a private option is best left to the private market," Gallas remarked. "Not to a government controlled system."

He says leaving something as intimate as your medical decisions up to politicians can come with all sorts of side-effects.

"Increased government dependency. It's going to increase government agencies. It will literally explode a system that right now operates inefficiently."

The ballot would give people the chance to agree or disagree with the act as it's written.

"And you know what?" Gallas asked. "This is an opportunity also that if I'm wrong the people then have the ability to say "Yep, Glenn you're wrong. We're right."

He doesn't believe though that will be the case and the light will eventually fade away for the private option.

They'll have to collect somewhere around 46,000 signatures. They claim they have a coalition of people across all corners of the state ready to go.
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