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Alleged Victim Speaks Out Following Filing of Felony Rape Charge

The victim of an alleged rape speaking out as the man he says raped him, the former Arkadelphia Housing Authority Director, receives an official felony rape charge.
ARKADELPHIA, AR -- Frederick Hatley, 56, former director of the Arkadelphia Housing Authority faces one count of felony rape.

"I laid on the couch and just cried," said the alleged victim who's identity we're keeping hidden.

Only he knows exactly what happened that day in September.

Told he could get some help finding a job, on Sept. 11 he visited Hatley.

He says, however, the conversation quickly changed when Hatley started inquiring about his past sexual relationships and how he had a gun in the office.

"I felt uncomfortable, and I was getting ready to walk out," he explained. "When I got ready to walk out he came away from behind his desk, pulled the door up and pushed me against the filing cabinet and told me don't say anything and don't tell nobody because wasn't nobody gonna believe it no way. Then he pulled my pants down."

Nearly three months later, Clark County Prosecutor Blake Batson has charged Hatley with felony rape.

But this man says that isn't enough.

"Because if it could happen to me, it could happen to anybody else, but still I thought that he was gonna be locked up until everything went to court," he said.

Hatley remains free on bond leaving his alleged victim constantly on the lookout.

"Sleeping at night you still dreams about stuff like that, and it's hard."

A Class Y Felony could carry 10 to 40 years or life in prison if convicted.

According to court documents, however, Hatley has repeatedly denied any sexual contact.
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