ABC Students Get Their Refunds

ABC Students Get Their Refunds

Students get their refunds, but under one condition.

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Arkansas Baptist College students are being issued their long-awaited financial aid refund checks with the help of some banks.

Hundreds of students received their money Wednesday.  Disbursements will continue throughout the week.

The school underwent a computer hack that delayed them from giving students their refunds.

Technically, the federal dollars still aren't there, but some banks decided to front the money to the college to give to the students.

But there's one exception:  The students have to go ahead and enroll for the spring semester to guarantee the banks will be repaid once the federal dollars come in.

Some students said they don't want to go back to ABC.

"I'm not trying to blame President Fitz Hill.  I know he's probably doing what he can but they're unorganized.  There's no organization at the school," said JaTon Bolden, a student.

Shane Broadway, director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, said students can pass up the advance and wait for the federal money to come in.

School leaders don't know when that money will be available.

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