A Message From Bob Clausen to Jessica Dean

A Message From Bob Clausen to Jessica Dean

Bob Clausen and Jessica Dean will share their final night on the KARK 4 News desk on Sunday at 10 p.m.
...she is not a person who aspired to BE on TV. She is a REPORTER, who happened to find work in TV.
It's time for me to say so long to my co-anchor and friend Jessica Dean and her husband Blake Rutherford.

They are a young intelligent couple with the world at their feet. They ARE, Barefoot in The Park.

The first time I saw Jessica she was working out of our newsroom, reporting for a sister station. I actually heard her before I saw her. Instantly I knew KARK would benefit by having a young confident reporter, like the one I was hearing over my shoulder, on staff.

As soon as she finished her live shot I walked in to my bosses office at the time and said "Have you offered her a job!?" He was thinking about it. Time passed and Jessica wound up at another station in town.
We watched her earn her way up the ranks, all the time keeping the door open for that day when she would come to her senses, thankfully she did.

Instantly she raised the bar at KARK and upped our game. Her impact will be felt for some time.

When she took over the seat next to mine, it all came together. She brought class, intellect and wit to the product, it rubbed off on all of us.

You should know this about her, she is not a person who aspired to BE on TV. She is a REPORTER, who happened to find work in TV. First by lugging a TV camera around to GET a story and then becoming the one to tell it.

What I'm say is. She's a Pro. Don't get me wrong, I have seen her gaze at a few pairs of shoes on her computer from time to time, but more often than not-she's reading up on the days events, in Arkansas and beyond.

She's often eager to brief the rest of us on why a story needs more, or less coverage.

Together we fought for this, or fought for that, more coverage for one story over another. At times we won, at times we lost. I'll miss her support as much as I'll miss supporting her.

Most of all I'll miss our conversations about politics, pop culture and what the rest of the world is, or is not paying attention to--and how it's a persons job, to at the very least, pay attention and try to make it a better place.

On a recent trip home my family and I visited Sagamore Hill(Google homework). I read a quote by Teddy Roosevelt that sums up both Jessica and her husband Blake.

"The greatest gift life has to offer is the opportunity to work hard at work worth doing"

Both are worthy of those words.

I'm confident while she is leaving her home state of Arkansas--you will see her in your living room again, working hard, at work worth doing, making it a better place.

See you guys at the CB&G
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