The Longevity Center at St. Vincent

The Longevity Center at St. Vincent

The Longevity Center at St. Vincent
St. Vincent has designed a health clinic with services specifically for baby boomers and their parents. Our trained professionals help patients maintain health and independence as they grow older. Early and accurate diagnosis of a health problem can make it easier to treat. You will have your own healthcare team working to coordinate all the services you need to feel your best. The Longevity Center features primary care, referrals to medical specialists and hospital services, help in filing your insurance, coordination of community services and on-site specialty programs for nutrition counseling, stress management, fitness assessment, and medication interaction.

St. Vincent is also the first in the state to open a Memory Center, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of memory loss. The St. Vincent Memory Center is the first of its kind in the state. Using Positron Emission Tomography, commonly known as PET Scan, St. Vincent Memory Center has been established to provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for people with memory loss. Using a multidisciplinary team approach each person who uses the St. Vincent Memory Center will be evaluated to determine the reasons for memory loss. Then a personalized plan of care aimed at achieving the best possible memory function will be developed.

The Longevity Center at St. Vincent and the St. Vincent Memory Center take important steps in offering comprehensive medical services for adults 50 years of age and older. We believe health care solutions for baby boomers and their parents should be treated differently, using all the necessary resources to keep you healthy and independent. Our highly skilled staff includes four geriatric fellowship trained physicians, two adult health advanced nurse practitioners, two licensed clinical social workers and a nutritionist who assist in providing a continuum of personal care.

Our clinics offer the most comprehensive on-site care for baby boomers and their parents in central Arkansas:
  • Primary care needs and treatment
  • Memory loss
  • Depression
  • Falls and balance
  • Fitness
  • Medication interactions
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Alzheimer's disease management
If needed, we identify and assist with additional community services such as in-home care and transportation services. We also communicate with family members regarding patient needs.

We accept Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Medicare, most Medicare Advantage plans, commercial insurance and most managed care plans.

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