David A. Lipschitz, MD, Ph.D

David A. Lipschitz, MD, Ph.D

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 David A. Lipschitz, MD, Ph.D is among the most renowned geriatricians in the world - and he has a plan for the future. Using decades of clinical experience and scientific research, Dr. David has developed a strong, personal philosophy for lifelong health. This simple and down-to-earth approach relies on two key principles: health and happiness.

The former Director of The Longevity Center at St. Vincent, Dr. David is nationally recognized as a leader in the field of geriatrics. Dr. David has served as both Chair of the Research Committee of the American Geriatrics Society and Chair of the Association of Directors of Geriatric Academic Programs. He is consistently named one of the "Best Doctors in America," and he has been featured on numerous media outlets, including the Today Show, discussing aspects senior health.

Dr. David's greatest goal is to educate the public about aging. Most importantly, he aims to empower people with the tools to live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

In October 2002, Dr. David wrote "Breaking the Rules of Aging," his first book aimed at educating and empowering the general public. "Breaking the Rules of Aging" introduced Dr. David's core philosophy for lifelong health, highlighting the key elements of successful aging, and debunking the negative stereotypes of senior living. Of this book, Dr. Robert Butler, first director of the National Institute on Aging wrote "Breaking the Rules of Aging provides readers with all the information they need to enjoy a healthy and vigorous future. Dr. David is the Dr. Spock of aging."

In order to propel his message and achieve his goals, Dr. David founded Dr. David Enterprises, His company develops new avenues for health education and empowerment.

Contact Information:

Dr. David Health and Wellness Clinic (Dr. David Lipschitz Health Aging Center)

415 N McKinley St Suite 130 

Little Rock, AR 72205 

(501) 660-4500 (Office) 

(501) 319-7439 (Fax)

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