RECRUITING: Noah Banks Mulls Decision, Arkansas the Frontrunner

Fayetteville, AR-

Junior College Tackle Noah Banks says Arkansas leads his recruiting process at this point:

That kicks off this week's recruiting report from Richard Davenport:

Here's the transcription from that interview:


Drew Amman: "Yeah it is time to talk recruiting now with our recruiting guy that is Richard Davenport from WholeHogSports and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. RD let's begin with some football Noah Banks just got an offer from Arkansas. He is a junior college offensive tackle."

 Richard Davenport: "Yeah he is 6-7, 300 pounds. He's a good looking kid. Obviously his frame is quite large but he has the frame to add a good 20-30 pounds if he decides to be a Razorback. Like you said he did get an offer. Coach Bielema gave him an offer on Friday the first day that he started his visit. His parents accompanied him. He said Arkansas is his leader right now, which is good obviously. He's got other offers from Missouri, Iowa State and Middle Tennessee. I think some other offers are probably going to be coming his way. He is a mid-term guy so he would be able to graduate in December, enroll at Arkansas or wherever in January, go through spring practice, go through offseason. So that's really big. But right now it looks pretty good. He looks like he is going to go through the process a little longer. But hopes to make a decision in a few weeks."

Drew Amman: "Alright let's go to the class of 2019, this receiver Marquez Beason is from Dallas, he is a four star. I understand he has the Hogs in his top 6, Richard?"

Richard Davenport: "Yeah and that's big. When I was down in Dallas Fort-Worth last week I stopped by Bishop Dunne and talked to he and Brian Williams, the 2019 safety target for Arkansas. He indicated that Arkansas would most likely be in his top six. He had a top 12. He announced yesterday his top 6 and obviously Arkansas was in there. Has got a really good relationship with the coaching staff. He talks about how much love he gets from those guys. Also has a good relationship with Chevin Calloway who attended Bishop Dunne last year. So that's big. He is a playmaker supreme."

Drew Amman: "Okay let's go back to the class of 2018 and talk basketball. Because I am really interested to see what Jordan Phillips does. He is going to announce his decision this week. Again from the class of 2018, a shooting guard. This kid a lot of fun to watch. 6-5, 175. Has that Arkansas offer."

Richard Davenport: "Yeah he told me earlier today that he most likely would probably announce his decision the next day or two. So obviously that could come at any time. Like you said he is a bigger guard. I love him. I saw him in Vegas. He can do it all. He can handle the ball. He can shoot from beyond the three. He can drive. He can play defense. He is just a great all around basketball player. I really like Arkansas' chances and where they are with him right now. So I think you are probably going to hear some good news soon."

Drew Amman: "Okay so these basketball guys were attending the football game. These are the guys from the Arkansas Hawks that we talk so much about them. Let's talk about three of them right now. Let's begin with Isaiah Joe. What about Isaiah out of Fort Smith. Of course committed to Arkansas. He is a three star."

Richard Davenport: "There's no doubt he is one of the best outsider shooters in the country bar none. He can really stroke it. A lot of people just look at him as a shooter but he's not. He's a guy that can also handle the ball pretty good. He's going to be playing the point this upcoming season for Fort Smith Northside. I think that is only going to enhance his ability to play the point in college. It gives him a little more flexibility. He is also a pretty good defender too. I think he's vastly underrated in that area."

Drew Amman: "Okay another guy you've seen quite a bit. He is also in the back court. He's from Jonesboro though. 6-2, 180. Committed to Arkansas, that is Desi Sills."

Richard Davenport: "Desi I've said for the longest he'll probably be a fan favorite. The reason for that is because he goes 110 percent all the time. Great effort all the time. He's really good defensively. Anytime you want another guard on the other side stopped you put Desi on him. He's going to do everything he can to make sure he holds that guy down point wise. Also he's a much better scorer than a lot of people give him credit. He's fearless to the basket."

Drew Amman: "Give you about twenty seconds here on Ethan Henderson. This kid is long 6-8, 185. They've got to bulk him up a bit. But again he is committed to Arkansas."

Richard Davenport: "Yeah if he extends his shooting touch from beyond the paint he has a chance to a good basketball you know good player at Arkansas. Definitely very athletic. Great leaping ability. Very quick leaper. He will get his share of blocked shots and rebounds at Arkansas."

Drew Amman: "Have a lot of fun talking about this pipeline from the Arkansas Hawks to the Razorbacks. RD, Richard Davenport from WholeHogSports and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. RD thanks much. That story coming you way on the receiver Jadon Jackson next."

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