Phillips Commits, Big Pickup for Hog Hoops


Fayetteville, AR-

This week's recruiting report is highlighted by Jordan Phillips from Arlington, Texas.

Here's a recap and the transcription in our interview with Richard Davenport:

Drew Amman: "We are back on the show. Talk a little recruiting now with our recruiting guy that is Richard Davenport from WholeHogSports and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. RD let's begin with basketball. A big announcement here Jordan Phillips a 6-7, guard has committed to the Razorbacks. Tell me about Jordan a little bit."

Richard Davenport: "Well I think it is a big commitment from the standpoint like you said he is a bigger guard, 6-7, 210. He is a guy that can play the 1 and 2 very effectively. You don't lose anything at either position with him playing that spot. Another thing he can also play the 3 or 4 which sounds crazy but he is definitely capable of doing that. You talk to his spring and summer basketball coach he thinks the same. Jordan is a guy that a lot of college coaches backed off of in the spring because he severely sprained his ankle. They evaluated him then. Then in the summer he was 100 percent and that is when he really showed out. He had like 23 points a game and filled the stat sheet in other places. So it is a big pickup for Arkansas."

Drew Amman: "Yeah a resilient kid there Jordan Phillips. Nice pickup for the Hogs. Gerry Bohanon has reopened his recruitment. He is a guy who is from the state of Arkansas. He is a quarterback, good looking kid. Tell me about this reopening of his recruitment."

Richard Davenport: "Yeah he tweeted it the other day and in communicating with Gerry he says his top six schools are still the same including Arkansas. He announced that back in May. He just said he is open to other schools maybe coming in and being interested in him. So it's not like he is just throwing out his list of schools from May. Those schools are still his top schools. But he is opening up for other schools that may be interested to come in and recruit him."

Drew Amman: "Okay Treylon Burks he's a bigtime receiver and he is a guy from the state of Arkansas. He is out of Warren. Now Treylon just got an offer from Willie Taggert's team out of Oregon right RD?"

Richard Davenport: "That he did yesterday. On Friday get this he had two rushing touchdowns, a reception touchdown. He returned an interception for a touchdown. He also had a kickoff return for a touchdown. I mean that's crazy stats. That just kind of illustrates the kind of player that he is. That is why he is one of the top prospects in the country in the 2019 class."

Drew Amman: "Okay this guy up front in the trenches Jahmir Johnson, 6-6, 290. He is a junior college kid. Where is he right now? He has an Arkansas offer it looks like here. Let's talk more about Jahmir."

Richard Davenport: "Yeah Arkansas offered him earlier in the week. That was his third offer. Then after that Maryland, Minnesota and some other schools jumped on board. I think he is going to start to blow up. Very athletic kid at 6-6, 290. Coach Bielema and coach Anderson really like him. He is a guy that would you know possibly help at the tackle position. Definitely that is what you do when you are recruiting a junior college guy you are expecting him to come in and play immediately. Looks like he is capable of doing that. But he definitely likes the Arkansas program. He is very intrigued. Hasn't setup a visit yet but the interest level is there."

Drew Amman: "Alright let's finish with about 30 seconds on this kid from the class of 2019 defensive end that is Zach Williams, 6-4, 215. The Hogs and Bama along with some other guys are in on this kid. His dad was a linebacker for the Hogs."

Richard Davenport: "Yeah Rickey Williams a lot of Arkansas fans remember him back in the 80's, very good linebacker out of Little Rock Parkview. I saw Joe T. and Zach play on Friday night. Three things that really stand out, his burst off the ball, he is very quick off the ball. His speed he runs a 4.6, that's legit. I mean he has outstanding speed and he has got a great motor. Most schools are recruiting him as an outside linebacker. I definitely can see that."

Drew Amman: "Alright RD great stuff as always. That is Richard Davenport from WholeHogSports and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Back with more after this."

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