Mincey 'Potentially a Difference-Maker'

Fayetteville, AR-

Richard Davenport has the latest on Hog Recruiting beginning with someone looking to make an impact on the defensive front when he arrives on the Hill.

Here's the transcription from that report: 

Drew Amman: "Yeah it's time to talk recruiting now with our recruiting guy that is Richard Davenport from WholeHogSports and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Got to get your recruiting report in right now. Talking about a defensive end, actually a lot of defensive ends in this report. RD let's talk about John Mincey. He is from the class of 2018. He is 6-4, 265. How strong is his commitment to Arkansas?"

Richard Davenport: "Seems pretty strong. Talked to him earlier in the week. Coach John Scott, the defensive line coach has stayed in contact with him throughout the process even before he ever commitment. He's got a really good relationship with him. He just likes how coach Scott lets him know how he is wanted at Arkansas, needed at Arkansas. This guy he is one of these guys that could potentially be a difference maker. He's got unbelievable athleticism for 6-4, 265, 270. Great speed. Arkansas beat out Georgia, Florida, numerous other schools for him. So he's a guy that was definitely wanted by some of the top schools around the country. But he chose Arkansas in large part because of the relationship with coach Scott."

Drew Amman: "Let's stay up front, Marcus Hicks also a defensive end. He is from the class of 2019, 6-6, 230. He is from Wichita, Kansas. This guy getting a lot of high praise, he is a four star."

Richard Davenport: "Yeah he is an ESPN junior 300 prospect. One of the top defensive end recruits in the 2019 class. He and his father, mother and step-brother visited Arkansas yesterday. Had a really good time. Really impressed with what Arkansas has to offer as far as the facilities and just the overall atmosphere. I know he is a guy right now about 6-6, 230. There is no doubt that he could easily add 40-50 pounds to his frame and really be kind of freakish. He's got freakish athletic ability right now. But if you get him in a weight room and add that weight his upside is tremendous."

Drew Amman: "Alright Bryant Pirtle, let's stay on the defensive side of the football. This guy is 6-3, 235. Has Arkansas in his top five. Now would you say he is in the upper part of that top five or lower part?"

Richard Davenport: "You know it's kind of hard to tell. I had him on the radio show on Thursday and he sounded pretty interested in Arkansas. Obviously having Arkansas in his top five it is very likely Arkansas will get an official visit probably sometime in December. He's a guy as far as a juco guy coming in he could play immediately. There's no doubt about it. He has outstanding speed. You look at his video and he closes so fast. He just gets to the ball you know with a sudden burst. He's got SEC type speed and something Arkansas continues to need to add to the defense."

Drew Amman: "Let's go to hoops now and on the hoops side of things this guy Reggie Chaney has been in our recruiting report quite a bit of late and for good reason. This guy really like the physicality that he brings. Just wrapped up a visit with TCU today. More on that RD?"

Richard Davenport: "Yeah looks like he is going to be making a decision soon. When I say soon it could be in a few days, could be in a week. But obviously Arkansas is definitely up in the running for him. He visited Arkansas back in September. He and his father had a really good time. I know coach Scotty Thurman has done an outstanding job of staying in contact with him building a relationship. He would be a great addition to the 2018 class. Arkansas is losing six guy next year. He would be the sixth commitment. The opportunity for immediate playing time would be really good."

Drew Amman: "Give me about twenty seconds here to close with this guard Madison Peaster of Mills. What do you like about this kid out of the class of 2021?"

Richard Davenport: "He went to the Pangos camp last week. Van Coleman who has covered the national scene for 40 years thought he should have been in the top 30 which was the top prospects at the camp. He was in the top 60 but Van thinks he's a guy that will be making a lot of noise in the future. Definitely keep an eye on him. His father played, a of people know about his father. His father played for Iowa. He's got a lot of potential."

Drew Amman: "Alright RD as always appreciate the insight there in your recruiting report. He's from WholeHogSports and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Coming up can't wait for this story as we flash back to the 1978 Orange Bowl. Stay with us."

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