Kelley Enjoying New Steamboat Package in Razorback Offense

The Steamboat Express is pulling back into Fayetteville this weekend after its debut in Arlington last Saturday and Arkansas backup quarterback Cole Kelley is ready for challenge number two.

The redshirt freshman quarterback carried the ball four times for 21 yards including a thirteen yard carry on his first attempt against Texas A&M. He also threw his second career touchdown pass on a two yard score to David Williams to start the second quarter.

"This was my first big game experience so I felt like I needed that to get my confidence up," said Kelley. "After that run I thought I was pretty comfortable out there."

For Kelley this all started during the Razorbacks bye week when he told offensive coordinator Dan Enos he was willing to do whatever it took to help his team out.

"He just said I am willing to do whatever it takes to help the team," Enos said." Coach Bielema and I talked about it and he said let's try to come up with something and that's what we came up with."

Kelley allows the Razorbacks to bring a different demension to the offense something that was a success on Saturday and could be even more moving forward.

"It just adds to the multiplicity of our offense and it kind of puts the defense in a situation and bind where they don't really know what's coming," added Kelley. "Do you anticipate run or throw like you don't know what to do."

Arkansas offensive coordinator Dan Enos agrees. "People can know he's coming in but he's a quarterback. He can run every pass play in our offense. He can run every play in our offense. So it's not like we are taking a running back and moving him back there. We are taking a guy that can throw the ball at a very high level."

But how did the name of the offensive package come about?

"After our first game somebody called him the Louisiana Steamboat," says Enos. "He didn't like it so we named it after that as a coach would do."

Coach Enos on Monday joked that Cole didn't really like the name they came up with but on Tuesday Kelley had a different answer.

"At first I was kind of jokingly I didn't like it but I wasn't really serious. I am a pretty easy going guy. I mean you can call me whatever you want. I really don't care that much."

Many people have called for him to get more playing time or take over for senior starter Austin Allen, Kelley has this to say to fans.

"People like to create quarterback controversy when there is really none. Austin is the first quarterback on this team and everyone knows it including me."

But one thing is for sure Kelley is a hit in on and off the field for the Razorbacks.

"He is very well liked on the team," says Enos. "He is an outgoing personality and he is a competitor."









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