Hog Commit Chaney 'Fell in Love with Family Atmosphere at Arkansas'

Richard Davenport has the latest in Hog Recruiting, including a huge decision from Reggie Chaney.

Hogs land a physical 6'8 Forward:

Here's the transcription from that interview:


Fayetteville, AR-

Drew Amman: Alright, time to bring in our recruiting guy as always each week. It is Richard Davenport from Whole Hog Sports and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. A big get for Arkansas Hoops over the weekend. Picking up a commitment from Reggie Chaney. 6'-8," 230 out of Frisco, Texas. Arkansas' really been on this guy for a while and they get it done, R.D.

Richard Davenport-Whole Hog Sports, Recruiting Guru: No doubt. He committed to the coaches Friday night. Made it public yesterday. Really like Reggie and what he brings to the roster. Like you said he's 6'-8," 230. Very good looking physical specimen. Very athletic. I think he's something that Arkansas hasn't seen in a long time. A guy that can really bang inside and also use his athleticism. I don't think Arkansas has had that kind of combination in quite some time. That's what he's gonna bring. You got to give Scotty Thurman a lot of credit, recruiting him and staying in touch. Developed a great relationship. Once he got on campus he fell in love with the family atmosphere and just felt at home and was really big. This is a really big pickup and I think Arkansas fans are going to love seeing Reggie over the next few years.

Drew Amman: Yeah, physical kid. Big kid. This is just a big get as you mention. Jayla Hemingway, as we go to women's hoops, she's out of the class of 2019. I know Mike Neighbors, trying to get the wheels turning as far as women's basketball recruiting is going. Tell me about Jayla. Tell me about her game and what she can bring.

Richard Davenport: She's a very physical guard. 5'-11," Very athletic. She attended one of coach Neighbors' summer camps and she felt really comfortable with him and really likes the style of play at Arkansas. She's number 12 in the country in her class according to "Prospect Nation" and she definitely plans to visit Arkansas in the future. She would be a big, big get.

Drew Amman: Okay, Kennedy Tucker, also a guard out of the class of 2019, and Kennedy is from North Little Rock so again, this would be big to get and in-state recruit.

Richard Davenport: The in-state class of 2019 and the 2020 class is pretty strong and she would be a good get too. She visited Arkansas last weekend and coach Neighbors is really developing a good relationship with her and I think she's one to keep an eye on. She's a top 20 prospect in her class too. So very, very promising prospect.

Drew Amman: Okay 2020 class,  Sasha Goforth, we've heard so much as far as Sasha being in the headlines. Just tell me a little bit more about just how extensive the recruiting goes as far as she is concerned.

Richard Davenport: Right now she stands at 20 offers. Her next two years is going to continue to add to that list. It's gonna be crazy what her final total offer list will be but she's a frequent visitor at Arkansas and really likes coach Neighbors. The thing with coach Neighbors, what he brings, is a guy that's just down to earth and easy to communicate with. I think that translates well into recruiting.

Drew Amman: Okay I'm going to combo these last two as we go to football. T.J. Finley, a quarterback in the 2020 class and Jacolby Criswell, a quarterback from that class as well, and Finley, let's begin with Finley because he is 6' 7",

Richard Davenport: Yeah, he's a big kid. Very athletic kid too. He's got an Arkansas offer along with several others. His total offer list right now is at nine but obviously that will continue to grow. He likes the Arkansas pro style offense. I think he would fit in very well. He's a strong arm quarterback and one that really has the "it" factor  when you're looking at a quarterback in his age class. Jacolby is a guy that really jumped off when you looked at the film. When you look at his film you see a young man that has got a strong arm. Very good athleticism. Can really make things happen with his feet too. One to keep an eye on in the future. Very promising prospect from Morrillton and I really like him and I also like his maturity too. His coach really says a lot of good things about him and his make up as far as a person.

Drew Amman: Alright, appreciate that R.D. As always appreciate the insight in general. That's Richard Davenport. Whole Hog Sports and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.  We'll talk more about Arkansas' next football opponent, Coastal Carolina, after this.             


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