Fatherly Advice Leads Morris to the Hill

EDGEWOOD, Texas - Chad Morris moved to Edgewood, Texas in the 6th grade from Plano. The son of a firefighter and an educator, Morris would have never been a coach had his father, JB, had his way.

"I wanted him to be a firefighter," JB told the Pig Trail Nation. "I'm not sure he wanted to be one, but I wanted him to be one. And I kept pushing him for it."

While the oldest of two siblings didn't take the route his father wanted him to take, he still called his old man the night before a life changing decision.

"Chad and I have always been real close, he always called me and asked me 'what you think dad?'" said Morris. "And the night I knew he was taking it, they were working on the details, he called me that night. And he didn't ask me for my advice or my opinion, but I knew he wanted me to give it to him. And as we entered into this conversation about what he was doing, and I told him, 'you better take it.'"

As a kid, Morris had a lot of the same characteristics that have made him one of the hottest names in coaching.

"Extremely popular," said longtime best friend Chris Mattingly. "He's got that personality that he can get people to do things that they normally wouldn't do. When we were sophomores in high school, his dad put in this peach orchard, and he had a boat. And he'd call me up and he'd go 'hey, let's go to the lake,' and I'm like 'alright, I'm in.' And he'd go 'o, we gotta do a couple things out in the peach orchard first and then we'll go.' Well, 8 hours later, and I'm dead, we're both dead. And so he totally knew that we weren't going to the lake."

When people who know Chad Morris speak of him, it's mostly, if not all, positive, besides when it comes to the peach orchard. And to his mother Arlene, that means the world.

"Everything we hear is all good things, said Arlene. "About what a good person he is, what a great job he's done. And just knowing that, you can lay down at night and sleep well."

Those close to Morris say when he's not around football, he's just a simple guy who loves to hunt and fish, and of course win at any game they play.

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