Chad Morris: The Pride of Edgewood

Chad Morris grew up in small town Texas. However, until the age of 11, he lived in a Dallas suburb.

Morris and his family lived in Plano, Texas for several years. Ultimately, they decided to get out of the big city and move to Edgewood, Texas. Even though he isn't from Edgewood, Morris won't hesitate to call it his home.

Chad's mother Arlene says, "He didn't really care about the big city. But his friends are true friends. And that's why he realized, Edgewood is my home." 

But moving and adjusting to a new community can be difficult for a teenager. His longtime friend, Chris Mattingly says there was immediately some jealousy. Even though they didn't click right away, the two still remain best friends to this day. 

The two also became teammate, playing football together at Edgewood High School. Morris was the starting quarterback, Mattingly was an offensive lineman. During their senior year, the two worked together on their own time to create a guard around play. Ultimately deciding to run the play without permission from the head coach. 

Jay Jameson was an assistant coach during that time and watched the play from the sideline. "If Chad would've pitched the ball to Chris, Chris would've scored," says Jameson. "But Chad kept it and he got a big gain off of it. So we looked up there, and the head coach was really mad." 

Despite the play being successful, the head coach was not happy. Both Morris and Mattingly immediately knew they were in trouble. 

When pointing out a picture from the game, Mattingly says, "We're probably pondering how many hundreds we're going to run the next day. And we did end up running quite a bit." 

Morris is now known as a tempo guy, both on and off the field. But, if you ask his dad JB, the left lane mentality is nothing new.

JB recalls the time a friend called to let him know Chad was speeding around town. "He says, I saw Chad out on 1395, he had the hammer down on that jeep," says JB. "And I asked him I said well, do you want to buy that jeep? I took it up there to the guy that called me and I sold it that day." 

Even though Morris has come a long way since his days in Edgewood, people still say he hasn't forgotten about the Bulldogs. 

"He comes back here quite a bit to visit," says Jameson. "He's just very dow to earth, very humble guy. And we're very proud of him." 

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