Chad Morris Develops Coaching Style at Stephenville

The Stephenville High School football program has a history of talented coaches. Chad Morris is definitely one of them. 

Four year prior to Morris' arrival, Art Briles was the head coach. Leading the Yellow Jackets to four state titles between from 1988 and 1999. Which is why many people still wanted things done "The Briles Way." 

Athletic Trainer, Mike Carroll, was hired by Morris. He says, "Early on I think Coach Morris tried to embrace the way Coach Briles did things. He just realized that wasn't the way that he could be successful. He needed to be successful because he's Coach Morris. They didn't bring him in to be Art Briles, they brought him in to be Coach Morris." 

That's when things really took off for Morris and the Yellow Jackets.

Joseph Kimple, who used to be an assistant coach with Morris says, "At one point I think we won thirty-something straight regular season games. And really established the no huddle, Gus Malzahn." 

After struggling early on, Morris decided to go visit Gus Malzahn who was coaching Springdale High School at the time. This move proved very successful and allowed Morris to get an edge on the competition. 

"He got the offense from Coach Malzahn," says Carroll. "The first year we were here, we missed the playoffs. Then the second year we were here, we went 10-0. Third year we went 10-0."

Sports Radio host, Robert "Boots" Elliott, has called games at Stephenville High School for over a decade. Elliott says, "Stephenville had been known for being wide open in the spread. But he put his own spin on it, and there's no doubt the Stephenville offense thrived under him." 

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