Walmart Shareholders Meeting Kicks Off

BENTONVILLE, AR - The annual Walmart Shareholders meeting kicking off tomorrow. And the world's largest retailer is welcoming thousands of employees to its hometown.

Tour buses are running constantly this week bringing a steady flow of Walmart employees to the Walmart Museum learn a little bit more about the company where they work.

The Director of the Walmart Heritage group calls this week his superbowl.

He wants the visitors to take what they've learned and return to their own stores re-invigorated.

"Our company has a very rich heritage, and that they're a part of that heritage. They're part of history tomorrow, and in ten years we're going to be looking back," says Alan Dranow.

"You hear about it at your d.c., and you read all the literature and stuff there but to actually come down here and see it, this is fantastic," says Sharon Speights.

The museum is taking to social media, asking employees to pose for a selfie next to a bust of Sam Walton.

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