Second Chances for Felons at LR Job Fair

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - On Oct. 2, we are teaming up with Goodwill to declare victory over violence.

We want to help people with a criminal background, a felony or misdemeanor, in our "Second Chance Re-Entry Job and Resource Fair."

We've already met one man who got that second chance. He turned his life around thanks to an employer who wanted to make a difference.

"I build the signs for the interstate," says Jordan Jones, Builder.

It's hard work the 26-year-old takes pride in doing. Previous work in his life came with harsh consequences.

"I was young. It was just the environment I was in," he explains.

Jordan served four years in prison for selling drugs. It was a reality he didn't want and one that encouraged him to make better choices.

"Everyone is not out to just keep doing wrong. Some people learn from their mistakes," he adds.

Jordan says he's changed, with the help of Goodwill's 16-week Re-Entry Program. It's geared toward helping newly-released inmates find jobs.

"He's got a great attitude. He's ready to get out there and work," says Karen Mims, HR Manager with Interstate Signways.

Jordan is one of six former felons who work at Interstate Signways.

Mims says the company wants to make an impact and help people like Jordan turn their lives around.

"When you're an employer, you never know who you're really hiring until they're with you for awhile. And the guys that have gone to prison and come out of these programs, they're motivated," Mims continues.

What's motivated Jordan this second time around is freedom, and his newborn daughter.

A wrong decision is what landed Jordan in prison in the first place. He says it didn't have to be that way.

"You weren't born selling drugs. So you had opportunity before you were led to that. Some people had never ever tried," he says.

For Jordan, what "trying" looks like is a job, a second chance, and one he's not taking for granted.

If you have a criminal background (felony or misdemeanor), call right now to take part in our "Second Chance Re-Entry Resource and Job Fair." You must call to register if you want to attend. The numner is (501) 372-5100, Extension 1183.

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