Tom Cotton Talks Taxes in Springdale and Mark Pryor Receives an Endorsement

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Senator Mark Pryor picked up a key endorsement today in his hotly contested race for re-election

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare is backing the two-term incumbent democrat's campaign.

The group saying it sees a sharp contrast between Pryor and Congressman Tom Cotton on health care issues.

And while Senator Pryor says he'll continue to fight for medicare and social security he says he's encouraged that new numbers show the federal health care law is expected to cost less than projected.

"Look, this law's far from perfect, and I know we still have to go in and work on it and try to get some things right in it but when you look at something like CBO those numbers, it is encouraging that it looks like we're on the right track," says Pryor.

Senator Pryor also outlined legislation he's introduced that he says would help protect medicare from being privatized.

As for Pryor's opponent U.S. Senate Candidate Tom Cotton was in Springdale this afternoon. He was talking taxes and the senate race at the Republican Party of Arkansas' North West Arkansas Headquarters.

Cotton and Pryor are in one of the most closely-watched senate races nationwide.

Cotton recently challenged incumbent Pryor to a series of un-moderated "long-form" debates across the state.

Pryor's camp says the senator does plan to debate Cotton but details still need to be worked out.

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